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Thanks for visiting the new Giving Circles Asia website! 


I launched this website in 2015 while researching philanthropy at NUS Business School, Singapore. I was intruiged by how philanthropy was innovating around Asia, especially in response to the growing influence of social entrepreneurship. This research led me to study giving circles in further detail - you can find all my publications here.

I found giving circles to be a timely and powerful innovation in Asian philanthropy and as well as studying them I wanted to promote collective giving to a wider audience. In 2015 a grant allowed me to set up a website where I could track giving circle growth in Asia, make my research available and encourage visitors to set up or join giving circles.

After leaving Singapore in 2017 it became difficult to maintain the original website, but the continued global interest in giving circles has given me the impetus to relaunch the site.  I hope this modest contribution will advance our understanding of collective giving, motivate people to get involved in giving together and encourage giving circles to collaborate. I hope this site will help inform and connect, and lead to impact.

The Research and Case Studies pages reflect my own work in understanding and promoting giving circles, and I acknowledge the excellent research carried out over the last decade by scholars in North America, UK and Australia. I have signposted their contributions in the Resources section.

I'd like to acknowledge the tireless work of Ms Pauline Tan who managed the original version of this website and was my colleague and co-author at NUS Business School.

You can find about my professional background at About Me

Rob John

Cambridge, UK


Photo credits on Homepage: New Day Asia/APLE Cambodia & Dasra/Muktangan India.

World map graphic: Марьян Блан | @marjanblan, Unsplash

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