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Launchpad for You

Philanthropy Together  launches its virtual training programme to help people set up a giving circle.

Democratising Philanthropy?

Rob Meiksins asks 'can giving circles democratise philanthropy?'  A short introduction to recent research on giving circles together with his reflections as a giving circle member for 15 years

CGRG Webinar

Jason Franklin and Jessica Bearman of the Collective Giving Research Group host a seminar  share latest research on the global growth of giving circles. Download the slide deck.

Justice, Giving & Politics

Philanthropy Together hosted a webinar exploring the relationship between giving circles and movements of social justice and democracy on 3rd February 2021.

First Hungarian giving circle launched

On December 2, 2015, Ferencváros Community Foundation (FCF) hosted the first Donor Circle in Hungary.

Giving circles vs. Crowdfunding

Pauline Tan teases out the differences and similarities between these two models of collective philanthropy.

Asia Philanthropy Circle

APC's founder CEO, Laurence Lien, recognised as one of 'Asia's Most Influential'. APC is a collective giving initiative that addresses critical global issues

Top 10 tips for running a giving circle

Ruth Jones, former Executive Director of SVP Network shares her experience for GCA readers.

Avoiding pitfalls..

Top tips for nurturing a strong giving circle from the founder of Everychild Foundation

Philanthropy Together receives $1m grant for giving circle promotion

The giving circle promoter, Philanthropy Together, has received a $1 million grant from WK Kellogg Foundation to 'advance racial equity' in the giving circle movement.

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